10 Boxes Chaini Khaini Best Indian Tobacco 20 x 4.5g Each
10 Boxes Chaini Khaini Best Indian Tobacco 20 x 4.5g Each

10 Boxes Chaini Khaini Best Indian Tobacco 20 x 4.5g Each

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More and more people across the world are switching from smoking & tobacco chewing to Chaini Khaini Filter Pouches, not only for the safety but for the unique Chaini Khaini experience.

The concept of filter tobacco pouches is not a new one. It has been popular in the west and other religions as snus. It is a medically proven fact that snus (Chaini Khaini) is much less harmful than smoking. Sweden, where people prefer snus over smoking has the lowest incidence of tobacco related lung cancer.


Chaini Khaini. Have a taste of the Best Indian Tobacco blended with natural herbs!

  • To augment and achieve benchmark safety the filter pouches of chaini khaini are manufactured with German Technology.
  • For additional freshness and authentic flavour, the pouches are laminated by a special processing technique.
  • Only the choicest Indian tobacco is encased in the filter pouches of chaini khaini.
  • In addition to the finest Indian tobacco, chaini khaini contains menthol, spices and selected and selected natural herbs which give a unique flavour to its formulation.
  • Each ingredient that goes in the pouch carries the assurance of stringent quality checks, to ensure that you get only the finest filter pouch offering, wherever you are in the world.
Safety from the harm of Smoking and Chewing Tobacco.
  • What makes Chaini Khaini safer is the encasement pouch which does not allow tobacco leaves to come in contact with the oral organs. Thus the inner skin of the mouth remains unaffected and unharmed.
  • Because of the pouch, not a single tobacco particle is ingested in the gastro-intestinal tract. Thus the intestines or other inner parts of the stomach are not harmed due to tobacco.
  • Smoking affects both the teeth and the lips, causing unsightly stains & tooth decay. The filter tobacco pouches of Chaini Khaini are free from these side effects.
  • As the tobacco in the pouch of Chaini Khaini is released in the mouth gradually, the sense of satisfaction is also prolonged & consistent.